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  • I live in New Jersey
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is President of the UAOACC (Unofficial Aulstralian Organisation of Anti-Censorship for Cartoons.
  • I am Female
  • Soccerissocool11

    Yes. Pricerocks245 is Always Watching. Remember the jerk that stalked this wiki for awhile untill he finally gave up? Well yup, that was Pricerocks245. How do I know? Pricerocks245 told me in a recent email he sent me. Below is the email Pricerocks245 sent to me explaining that he is the jerk named Always Watching. Once again this is the email Pricerocks245 sent me:

    "Okay, first things first: The identity of A.W.

    Well, I'll get around to it eventually during the story of this guy's history and chances are you will completely and utterly hate *whoever* by the time this is over. It's worth it. Also, I'll get around to how I know this.

    It was just some random day, (a random boring one if you ask me) when A.W. started doing this. Looking at the p…

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  • Soccerissocool11

    Just a reminder that you should join... Ive been seeing that alot of you who come on this site are not in the UAOACC... thats the whole reason why I made this wiki. So, if you are not in, contact me and ill get you in right away... By the way, who ever this wiki contributer is who goes around posting comments on everything, stop being stupid and just log into your acount... obviously you have one. So use it. Oh and if I hear you curse on emore time on my wiki, I will take extreme meashures to make shure you never come on this wiki again... BUT ANYWAY, please join if you can



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