Do you ever guess why CN does such horrible censorship? Well these are my opinions on why CN does horrible censorship. Or should I say censors**t.

Cn ceo

This is Cartoon Network Australia's CEO. That's right you're lookin' at him.

Oh did I mention the rest of the CN staff are humans but they were brainwashed by the bloody ape and all became stupid.

These are how stupid they really are:

  • They think crap and piss are cussed by which they aren't really.
  • They think "bro's" a bad thing. It's just another term for friend or brother.
  • They think that when Rigby said balls from "Benson's gonna drop his balls when he sees how good we set up these chairs!" he meant his crotch, but really he's talking about his gumballs. After all, he is a gumball machine isn't he?
  • They had to wait until now to air the rest of the Season 3 batch. Even then they only air them every weekday at 4:30.
  • Overall the many censors Cartoon Network idiotically does, the kids are gonna hear about the things they censor sooner or later. And hey! They might even realise they've been censoring their shows and join this wiki. Yeah!

So overall this is how stupid they really are. Hope you've enjoyed reading this and have a nice day.