• Jerryjackson42

    Just a few shows that aired in Australia which I thought need to be investigated:

    • Generator Rex - we probably won't see this show being played on reruns anytime soon, so there won't be much I can recall that can be added. If anyone has any memories of censored episodes, don't be shy to add them.
    • The Dukes of Broxstonia - same as above, I don't think this abomination will see the light of day ever again, so info is scarce, unfortunately. I'll write down what I can. Strangely there wasn't much cut from the show from when I remembered it. I can recall myself emailing Soccerissocool11 (one of the old admins) about how the censors seem to be quite lenient when it comes to Australian shows, compared to overseas ones. Perhaps it's the laws revolvin…
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